University Of Pennsylvania: Email Nurture Campaign

As a client of MP&F, the team executed a seven email nurture campaign for the University of Pennsylvania.This consisted of emails and landing pages aimed at upcoming high school seniors and getting them interested in applying. For this project, I wrote copy and assisted with the editing process for the following emails:

Explore Interests:

This series of emails had three audiences: healthcare, arts & culture and quantitative stories.  Each uses a student’s story as an example and encourages readers to use Penn’s “Explore Your Interests” tool.

Financial Aid:

This series of emails had two audiences: low income and all other prospects. It focused on the variety of financial aid opportunities Penn has broken down definitions for various terms. 

Student Stories:

This series of emails had two audiences: West, South, Midwest and Mid-Atlantic, Northeast. Each highlights a student’s previous experience that led them to Penn and how they are able to further explore that interest while at Penn.

Finding Community:

This series of emails also had two audiences: finding community and navigating identity. Both focus on a student’s individual experience at Penn. 

Wrap-Up Report:

Following the campaign, we put together a report recapping our efforts which included key takeaways and recommendations. 

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