Photography - Journalism - Public Relations

I am a music photographer and writer now based in Nashville, Tennessee.

I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Public relations with a concentration in psychology from the University of Florida in August of 2019.

As a passionate music fan, I have honed in on how to share what I love over the years. After falling in love with live music, I became involved by photographing live shows and began writing album reviews for online publications shortly after as well as doing interviews. At my core, I am all about helping people who I believe deserve recognition and making sure they are able to achieve that.

I am an Assistant Editor and Contributor for The Alternative and a Writer/Photographer for Highlight Magazine.

I am available for live and promotional photos and PR work.

You can contact me directly by emailing me at or by using my Contact page.

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In the past, I ran Local Spotlight for Focus Magazine from  2014 to 2016. I was in charge of finding unsigned talent and showcasing their music in a two page spread by by conducting interviews that were turned into a two page spread. From 2017 to 2018, I was the Content Coordinator for the Gainesville, FL based website Lvl To The Room and took on various projects such as Savannah Stopover coverage and The Fest FL, where I organized and conducted video interviews, pre-festival coverage, etc. While working with Lvl, I doubled the site's readership within the first few months and grew the site to a monthly readership of over 6,000 readers. 

My work has been published in various publications such as The Gainesville Sun, Substream, The Alternative, Highlight Magazine and more. 

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