It's nice to meet you

Hi, I'm Lindsy 

I'm a Nashville based music photographer, writer and now artist manager for The Weak Days. I work full time at a digital marketing agency and spend most of my free time adding to my long term habit of making playlists


After buying my first and only DSLR in 2013, I started taking photos at local shows and learned how to edit photos in between classes. 

Over the years, I've photographed a variety of bands like Fall Out Boy and All Time Low but have returned to my love of photographing smaller, more intimate shows in packed venues. 

I also love taking portraits and promotional photos for bands. 


From 2017 to 2019, I interviewed a variety of bands on-camera for the Gainesville run music site, Lvl To The Room, which included coordinating press coverage for festivals such as The Fest and Savannah Stopover.  I also handled audio and was a camera operator for a variety of our live sessions. 

This video for the Nashville based band, Twen, was shot on 4K cameras at Gainesville's Heartwood Studios. 


In high school, I began my music writing stint by writing album reviews and conducting interviews. I now mainly write premieres, both for videos and songs, conduct long-form interviews and have a newsletter where I revisit a variety of albums and bands that have been influential to me. 

I have been an editor/contributor to The Alternative since May 2018 and have written for a variety of publications such as Substream, Highlight Magazine and Focus Zine. 

see you on the internet somewhere.

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