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Photographer - Journalist 

I am a 19-year-old music photographer and writer based out  of Gainesville, Florida. My resume can be seen here.

Along with doing my own freelance work, I currently write For Highlight Magazine where I conduct phone interviews which are made into articles and Q&As on different artists and organizations. I am a marketing assistant for Naylor, an association solutions company. 

I am available for live and promotional work.

You can contact me directly by emailing me at or by using my Contact page.

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In the past, I ran Local Spotlight for Focus Magazine from  2014 to 2016. I was in charge of finding unsigned talent and showcasing theirmusic in a two page spread by conducting by conducting interviews that wereturned into a two page spread.

My work has been published in Highlight Magazine,Symphonatic Magazine, Focus Magazine, E Minor Media, Our Town Magazine, Disarm  Magazine, Stencil Magazine and Lvl To The Room.

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