Coolicide Acoustic House Show

  For this special show, Sim Morales (Insignificant Other) and Vi Vianna (Gutless) both played solo acoustic sets. They were joined by Bad Year from Orlando and Tourneforte from South Carolina.   

Bad Year:


Vi Vianna:

Sim Morales:

Jeffrey Lewis &Los Bolts at The Atlantic

On May 1, the New York based musician and comic book artist Jeffrey Lewis played at The Atlantic joined by his backing band, Los Bolts. With a set that included a variation of songs from folk-rock to historical story telling, he was joined by the local bands Rosemary Kennedy and Black Haw Shake. 

Black Haw Shake:

Rosemary Kennedy 

Jeffrey Lewis:

Insignificant Other at The Hardback

  On April 14, Insignificant Other was joined at the Hardback Cafe by South Florida natives, Goalkeeper, who were in town working on their newest record with Rob McGregor at Goldentone Studios. Solo artists Winded and Flowan both graced the stage and treated the audience with performances of tracks from their respective EP’s. Check out these photos from the show and make sure to check out each band’s music!   




Insignificant Other:

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